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    Anon asked : Can you give me a general overview of prepositions? I never seem to know which ones to use when.

    Most common prepositions :

    • à : at, of
    • avant : before
    • après : after
    • avec : with
    • chez : at 
    • contre : against
    • dans : in
    • de : of
    • depuis : since
    • derrière : behind
    • devant : in front
    • durant : during
    • en : in
    • jusque : until
    • par : by
    • parmi : in 
    • pendant : while
    • pour : for
    • sans : without
    • sur : on 

    They can be used before :

    • A noun : Le livre de Pierre, une journée sans soleil.
    • A noun phrase : Sous la table,  devant la petite maison. 
    • An infinitive : Sans parler, à voir, de partir.  


    • En + participe passé : En courant, en mangeant 
    • Other : jusqu’à la maison, près de l’université 

    They can lead to another type of complement : 

    • of verb (à et de) : parler de quelqu’un, téléphoner à son cousin,  penser à partir
    • of adjective (à et de) : heureux de son sort, content de partir, facile à faire
    • of noun : tasse de café, machine à laver, chemise sans manche
    • adverbial :  Après le cours, organiser une fête pour recueillir des fonds.

    About locations : 

    • à : for cities > à Londres, à Québec. 
    • à : for islands (without any determinant) : Cuba, Haïti > à Cuba, à Haïti. 
    • en : for islands (introduced by a determinant) : La Corse, la Crète > En Corse, en Crète.
    • en : for countries or states, if the name is feminine : La France, la Bretagne > En France, en Bretagne.
    • en : for countries or states, if the name is  singular and starts with a vowel  : L’Ontario, l’Alberta > En Ontario, en Alberta.  
    • au : for countries or states, if the name is masculine singular and starts with a consonant : Le Canada, le Tibet > Au Canada, au Tibet.
    • aux : for countries or states, if the name is plural : Les Etats-Unis, les Philippines > Aux Etats-Unis, aux Philippines. 

    About how to use them, unfortunately I don’t have any trick, you have to learn them in context. 

    (via bettershitbricks)


    I’ve always like having a watch. Going back years, and years. I sometimes got them with the moon tide graph because no other reason that it looks cool. 

    Of the 3 functioning watches that I have, I can’t really decide which one is my favourite. I really like the Timex WS4, it’s a nice big face, and a head turner. Looking back I should have gotten the plain strap rather than a camo strap watch. But I like it. 

    My other is the Casio G-8100A, it’ a G-Shock,  I like this as well. It’s a nice design, and it’s in green. 

    In the pass, I got the cheaper watches that had cheaper plastic bodies, but if they got caught on anything, they’d pop off. And the needle that hold the strap on would gauge out plastic body making it unrepairable, those were Casio watches. Nothing against Casio, but they were kind of weak. So I brought a metal cased Timex watch. It was pretty good watch, I had to chance the strap once, because it was worn out. And it was much more mature than the watches I had in the past, it was analogue and digital.

    But I broke it when I changed the battery, which made me get a Puma and Casio watch (both square faced). 

    When I do get a watch, it has to have these things. 

    • Tell the night. 
    • Light so I can tell the time in the dark. 
    • Alarm
    • Stopwatch. 
    • Waterproof down to 10m (at least, it’s usually more)

    Anything else is a bonus but cool. Like having a mood tide graph. 

    The WS4 has a thermometer, compass, barometer. And that’s why I got it. It has the works. 

    Taking a break for today. I cycled for about 10 miles yesterday at just over 14 mph, did some handstand practice, and then did some calisthenics. 

    I can now do 100 chin ups and 10 pull ups in a row, as well as 10 sidewinders which pleases me though. 

    But I’m kind of sore from jiu jitsu still, so I’m going to relax for today. Get some French in and look around for some jobs.

    I might go for a late ride, but I dunno. Depends on how I feel. 

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