Assuming The Shape of a Spider

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  • It’s still surprising to me when I see non hasidic Jewish people. Where I live, it’s near Stamford Hill and it’s all Hasidic Jewish people and those are who I associate as being Jewish. In the dark suits and everything.
    That’s the only religion that I have such a strong connection and set definition for




    My black year: Maggie Anderson at TEDxGrandRapids

    Chicago family Buys Black for a year. Maggie Anderson, shares her experience with that experiment.

    Maggie Anderson also Author of the Book based on the experiment:

    "Our Black Year"

    Where are the notes??? I mean, this is THE answer, according to much of pro-Black tumbler, so I’d expect more cosigns…

    This was beautiful. My friend was talking to me about this last night at dinner. & merakiandmelaninblooms be tryna tell us bout these Black owned businesses! 

    Yes community empowerment! Yes Afro-Cuban women! 


    (Source:, via emihenriquez)

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