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    Kentake Page
    Today we remember Mexico’s President of African descent, Vicente Guerrero officially abolishing the Maafa (slavery) in Mexico on September 16, 1829. The Maafa was banned soon after Mexico won its independence in 1821, but it was not officially abolished until 1829.

    The existence of Afro-Mexicans was officially affirmed in the 1990s when the Mexican government acknowledged Africa as Mexico’s “third root”. But Mexico’s real history shows the African presence in the country going back thousands of years.

    Image: “Gathering of African Towns” by Mario Guzmán Oliveres (b. 1975), 2004. National Museum of Mexican Art Permanent Collection.

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    (via ourafrica)

    UFC Fight Pass and PS+

    I’m seriously thinking of getting fight pass as I’ve never actually contributed to the UFC in anyway at all. I watch all my UFC stuff on streams and stuff, and some of them are annoying as fuck. With this I’d be able to see them legitly and not have to worry about ads (I have adblock already). And I’d get to see TUF straightaway. 

    The only thing I’ve had like this was PS+ which has run out for me, so I might get that back because it paid for itself within a day or 2. 

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