Assuming the Shape of a Spider

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  • medievalpoc:


    Maybe I’ll clean this up later.

    Contemporary Art Week!

    There are a lot of things to love about this piece, and I find it very easy to identify with. I kind of wonder if those of us out here writing, creating content, sharing knowledge and making articles, art, stories, and games had a battle flag, if it might look something like this.





    What the hell is that fox doing?

    probably making a withdrawal seeing as he’s in line at the atm

    my favorite part about this picture is that people saw the fox there and just started queuing behind it

    well yeah, cutting in line is rude

    This is just down the road from me. 

    We have a stack of foxes in London, just strolling about going about their business. 

    (Source: tibets, via chellzisyeezus)

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